website design and consulting

When it comes to a websites, there are many options out there, ranging from extremely expensive developers to do-it-yourself platforms. Since we always prefer the practical and efficient approach, we help you get an effective website up and running with an easy-to-use developer named Squarespace. It's an awesome platform that's always updated and growing. There's very little it can't do, and the best part is that it's easy to update and make changes to after initial set up. We give the reigns of your own website to you for future changes, or if you prefer for us to handle them, we offer website modification services at a low rate.

Here's some websites we have setup for local businesses:


the computer guy and your business

Something you may have noticed- we offer almost every thing a business could want- from I.T. and hardware support, networking, printers, website design, and video production. It's pretty great to work one on one with a business that already has a great understanding of what you do. Not only does it save you time and increase efficiency, the savings are substantial compared to the norm.