One of our favorite services is upgrading computers. It's a great, cost effective way to keep your favorite machine going strong. 

The most popular upgrade we recommend is getting a Solid State Drive. It's called "SSD" for short. Basically it's new storage technology that's around ten times faster than traditional hard drives. In real life scenarios that means your computer boots up an order of magnitude faster, programs open almost instantly--everything is improved. Check out this quick video we made on the topic of SSD upgrades.


new custom computers - Starting at $399

Our custom desktop computers have quality parts, are faster, modern, and have the aforementioned SSD technology. They also have your choice of operating system, either Windows 7 or Windows 10. No annoying advertisements and software included either. They have a 1-Year warranty and are the perfect match for home and office work. 

Custom computers can also be customized to fit any requirement. We have no problem helping you build a computer designed directly for your needs and fit into your desired budget range. Contact us for a quote! 



Refurbished laptops & Desktops - Starting at $199

There is a lot of value in getting a refurbished computer. We have noticed a new trend in hardware, in that most manufacturers are placing weaker, slower processors in their entry-level desktops and laptops. Added to this are some negative issues encountered with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

Many people prefer windows 7 still, and we don't blame you! Add the new SSD tech explained above? The refurbished laptops and desktops we sell normally out perform expensive new machines! Want to see a real life example? Watch this video we put together here